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e-dub's Picks
Caw Caw! Caw Caw!
rap songs
This is a sort of welcome back song for St. Mary’s College of Maryland students- I can no longer attend college because I am a man-prodigy of sorts. (and managed to graduate) It is also a shameless plug to keep the popularity of my friend Phil at an all time high, and an attempt to keep SMC youngsters aware of what shenanigans went on before them. Enjoy roshe-dub, numerous seahawks
I’m Only Christian on Christmas
christmas songs
This is a little Hawaiian ditty about people who pretend to be christian on christmas, but then live their regular lives the other 364 days of the year. It was played on a ukelele, in case you were wondering.[lyrics]glaze, tup
glaze's Picks
Glazer Got A Little Older
songs about people
A birthday song chronicling the life and death of Glazermuth, skeltz, stubbs, tup, Dare, MTA, Notes
Collin Goldsmith’s Birthday Song
songs about people
We met C Preezy’s cousin last night. It was his 19th birthday. We woke up hungover and recorded this song for him. He works at a gay bar and we feel like he deserves a song based on how big of a fan he pretended to be.glaze, muth, c preezy
muth's Picks
Senorita Remix
rap songs
A Remix to the Justin Timberlake song "Senorita." You probably wouldn’t recognize that song, but you’d recognize the very end of it, cause its actually good.

It turns out to be less of a Remix and more of a completely different song. A way better song.

That lie being told, Enjoy.
e-dub, muth, tup
Da Clink
rap songs
Stubbs and Glaze rap about how good at rapping they are. They’re so good, in fact, that they got thrown in jail for it.[lyrics]glaze, stubbs
skeltz's Picks
All Clear Extended Version
rap songs
This is how the song is meant to be played. It sounds amazing if you have a long attention span. Special thanks to E-Dub, who listenined to this song about 10,000 times while I messed with it.[lyrics]skeltz
Confession of a Songwriter
rock songs
This song is about inner turmoil and political ....turmoil. Also its about the fact that you can’t possibly write people serious songs without sounding like a total Hugh Grant...also...its really bad.tup
stubbs's Picks
She Pegnant
rap songs
Our first rap ... Tup and Skeltz were watching some show and saw that "Moesha" girl and she was all pregnant and Tup was like "she pegnant"...and Skeltz responded "naw she just fat"...and the legend began. Thanks Moesha.skeltz, stubbs, tup
Say What You Mean
rap songs
A song about the life lessons learned after high school, but before "real life." Mainly its just us rapping about whatever we want to...enjoy!e-dub, skeltz
tup's Picks
Muth’s Birthday
songs about people
Muth turned 20, and freestyled with Tup and Stubbs soon after. Then his freestyle was cut up into medium sized pieces and used for the chorus of his birthday songskeltz, stubbs, tup
tup’s birfday
songs about people
You might know Tup from the website. If not, it’s no big deal. He’s not that great. But this song is. And you know what that means: he doesn’t deserve it. Thank you all so much.e-dub, glaze, skeltz, stubbs
matt's Picks
International Jet Setters
songs about people
This was an april fools joke for these guys, Matt and Andrew (AKA kud), who do a radio show on WMUC.glaze, matt, kud, some chick
Da Clink
rap songs
Stubbs and Glaze rap about how good at rapping they are. They’re so good, in fact, that they got thrown in jail for it.[lyrics]glaze, stubbs