rock songs

tup got his appendix removed...and people came to visit him at the hospital...and he’s sorry he decided to post this as welltup
Until Then
To: Liz
From: Gay Skeltz
Confession of a Songwriter
This song is about inner turmoil and political ....turmoil. Also its about the fact that you canít possibly write people serious songs without sounding like a total Hugh Grant...also...its really bad.tup
Another Lovely Day
I did this cover of Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper my freshman year, before we had all of our sweet equipment. Check out the original guitar solo at the end. Thanks. You’re welcome. Thanks.skeltz
The Food We Eat
This is a childrens song about food and its side-effects. Give a copy to your illigitimate son when he’s old enough to understand what a fart is.glaze
The Chandabeer Song
Tup and his roomate built some stupid 6 person beer bong in their apartment that hangs from their ceiling, and this song sort of commemorates that. If you listen carefully it sounds alot like the "Flaming Moes" song from the simpsons, only horribly horribly worse. Horribly.tup
Osage Pub Sound Check
We were just testing the mic, but this is the best recording we’ve ever doneglaze, stubbs, pincus
Impossible Cheeseburger Pie
Tup came to the Osage Pub and cut this instant classic with Stubbs and Glaze. If you listen carefully, you can hear Pincus testing the smoke alarms throughout the house, cause the inspector was coming the next dayglaze, stubbs, tup
The Montreal Song
this is the first ever osage pub house band recordingglaze, matt, stubbs
Vomit All Over Her Face
Stubbs was pissed off at some girl one time and Tup started singing that he should vomit all over her face. Although no one really knows if he ever did vomit on that poor girl’s face . . . Muth and Tup Recorded this instant 10 minute long gem a few days later.muth, tup