rap songs

Clap On Clap Off
The first song from’s new Freestyle Friday Feature... Now these won’t be freestyles in what we know freestyles to be, as in off the top of the head, stream of consciousness type of rapping... But rather what mainstream rappers prefer to call freestyles- which are songs they write, and then record, but usually don’t mix or master, and don’t put on albums but rather mixtapes and then call them freestyles because they usually can’t sell them due to copyright issues. Isn’t learning fun! THANKS for listening- love e-dubblee-dub
Pocket Full of G-dubs
The rap click "Benjamin Skranklin" passed through the mansion to record this joint in early 2009. Shouts to MC Comcast, Pope Douglass, Cold MediSin, and Lil Stoop AKA The Gun Shooter. (e-dub, glaze, tup, and pabs)e-dub, glaze, muth, tup, MC Comcast, Pope Douglass, Cold MediSin, Lil Stoop
I Love Workin’
A Parody of the Asher Roth song "I Love College" called "I Love Workin’."

It is what it is.
Sepia Tones
This song takes place during Prohibition. It also takes place during the Great Depression. It also takes a long time to make a music video. Speakeasies, breadlines, ooooh hotsy totsy, jalopies, flapper laddies, tin lizzies, rap music, you know what the great depression was like. But we obviously don’t. Enjoy, and video coming soon.e-dub, glaze, muth, tup
Something to Prove
We used to be a group of college kids that would sit around and make rap songs. Then we made the biggest mistake of our lives and graduated. Now we have to live in the real world and work at boring day jobs. This song is about that.e-dub, glaze, muth
Jimmy Crack Corn Remix
This is Skeltzí entry in the "remix jimmy crack corn" contest that eminem had.skeltz, Eminem, Ca$his
Lose Control (Kevin Federline Remix)
K-Fed dropped an album two days ago. We are so good at rapping that we have already remixed his first single.glaze, skeltz, MTA
Duron Paints
This is a song about where Muth works. It’s a gentlemanly place called Duron Paints. I’m pretty sure Duron Paints should use the chorus for their theme song, it’s so freaking good.muth, skeltz
Mr. Boobhat
Mr. Boobhat is the story of a great man. A man with breasts on his hat. Mr. Boobhat can lighten up any situation. He just grooves. Anyways, we have been sitting on this song for a year now and I’m pumped as shit to finally master and release it. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHN! I’m goin to sleep, it’s 4 for christ’s sakee-dub, glaze, skeltz, stubbs, tup
Kick The Bucket
The 2nd track from the lost "Deleted Scenes." This one is from Charlie Bucket’s perspective. After having discovered an aging umpa loompa taking a nap on the bank of the chocolate river, a belligerent & inebriated Charlie Bucket decided to repremand the insubordinate through a grossly, negligent act of corporal punishment involving his glass, crack pipe. Basically Charlie blew the factory up, and now he is older and poor again. e-dub
Underwater Chicks are Easy
This excuse for a song, was also the spark for a concept album that will more than likely never be made. The album was going to be entitled "Deleted Scenes." It was supposed to be an album that took themes from movies and changed or stretched the storylines to be weirder, or more interesting, or, at least something fun to rap about. This medicore idea would have turned the mc, whoíd usually write/rap about his/her own life experiences and opinions, into a narrator or character from one of the films. Itís not only a good way to find material to rap about if your life is fairly uneventful, but, also a great way to become proficient at 1980ís movie trivia. Unfortunately- this project was something I could only care about for a few days, because I got a job and had to start doing real work again. But, those few days in April gave us 1 1/2 average tracks to rap along to. This one is about a certain Mermaid, whose "loose" moral code has nabbed her a land dweller. Of course the womanizing sailor wants the best of both worlds, land and sea... listene-dub
Tom Green’s Birthday Song
We decided to start making birthday songs for celebrities, in an attempt to get famous even quicker than we already are. Unfortunately Tom Green is only slightly more famous than the crazy homeless guy in Fells Point. Man that guy is funny.e-dub, glaze, muth, skeltz, tup
Build It
The 2nd installment of "the lost tracks." This is a halfway completed song that was intended for the mixtape album thing- but never got past me getting angry that I couldn’t clean up the sample. Perhaps in future years you will hear this beat in a cleaner and more complete song. Deal with it.e-dub
One of several "lost" tracks from the "Straight Outta St. Mary’s" mixtape. That’s right- there were actually other tracks made in that 2 month period that didn’t make the cut for that basement masterpiece. In this pseudo-freestyle-installment- you get to hear an inside joke that very few people would get. Enjoy.e-dub
You Got Stuck
This is what happens when you are from the Northeast and make a song using a fake 808 drum machine. It turns out- it is also a decent song to listen to while driving with your windows down, or if you are a real baller, your rear window in the backhatch of your hybrid S.U.V. If you donít have a car, or a cd player for that matter...then there is probably no way you are even reading this because you probably canít afford a computer. IF there is some strange way you are reading this and for some reason canít actually hear the song- just pretend you are at a barbeque where there is this really insecure, douchebag-type-of-guy who is playing it way too cool with some hot girl at a party, and then actually manages to get the girl somehow... There now you donít even need to listen to the song, have a great day.e-dub
Nineteen Ninety Fifth
This is a song about the summer before you go into 8th grade. When you do all those things that are so 13, like... wear Polo, go fishing in the Poconos, listen to rap music, and complain about your motorboat being too slow because the lake you are on is a preserve and they don’t allow any motors higher than 5 horsepower. Quakers- go figure. Good people though, environmentally conscious.e-dub
Mic Night
Here’s a little springtime jam that skeltz and glaze threw together real quick. It’s about rapping at kareoke bars. It’s based on a true story. Listen to it while you’re setting your clock back an hour.glaze, skeltz
Everybody Wants to Ride
This is an anti-gun in household song. It explains the most effective method for keeping squirrels off of your finch feeders as well as the inefficiency of using replica handguns to fend off burglars. It is from the Straight Outta St. Maryís Mixtape, which you should purchase for yourself as an early March stocking stuffer.e-dub
Uh Oh
The 3rd "single" from the Straight Outta St. Maryís Mixtape. Itís whatís called a "summer banger" and since its February you should listen to it and think about how much better things will be in just 4 short months. Unless you only have 4 months to live- then just play a Coldplay song or something...e-dub
Caw Caw! Caw Caw!
This is a sort of welcome back song for St. Maryís College of Maryland students- I can no longer attend college because I am a man-prodigy of sorts. (and managed to graduate) It is also a shameless plug to keep the popularity of my friend Phil at an all time high, and an attempt to keep SMC youngsters aware of what shenanigans went on before them. Enjoy roshe-dub, numerous seahawks
Senorita Remix
A Remix to the Justin Timberlake song "Senorita." You probably wouldn’t recognize that song, but you’d recognize the very end of it, cause its actually good.

It turns out to be less of a Remix and more of a completely different song. A way better song.

That lie being told, Enjoy.
e-dub, muth, tup
Take it Back
This song is another joint off of E-Dub’s mixtape. He sent a beat over to Glaze, via the internet, and Glaze didn’t like it all that much. But he came through and rapped anyway, cause that’s the kind of thing Glaze does. This song is rediculous. Rediculous and old school at the very same time.e-dub, glaze
Early On
This little ditty will be featured on the "Straight Outta St. Mary’s" Official E-dubble Mixtape. That’s right! There is going to be stuff on that cd that you can’t hear or have unless you give us $5. Capitalism is a neat thing.

The song is a synapsis of the early goings on before came about. Believe it or not just a few short years ago there was no such thing as life probably really sucked then.
All Clear Prelude
This is the prelude to the song, "All Clear." Figured that out already? Brilliant detective work, Holmes.skeltz
All Clear Extended Version
This is how the song is meant to be played. It sounds amazing if you have a long attention span. Special thanks to E-Dub, who listenined to this song about 10,000 times while I messed with it.[lyrics]skeltz
All Clear
"Think. Search a moment in the everyday density of whatís going on around you and look for blankness in the flow. Pause, repeat. Thereís always a rhythm to the space between things."
-DJ Spooky
Say What You Mean
A song about the life lessons learned after high school, but before "real life." Mainly its just us rapping about whatever we want to...enjoy!e-dub, skeltz
Lemonade in the Afternoon
This is a chillin’ summer song that takes us back to those high school and middle school years. The good old days when we didn’t do anything in summer, except have fun. Well thats not much different than now- but when we were younger we were much more stupid- so cooler things usually happened.
Who Invented the Mic
This song is about changes, and rapping. An interesting beat accompanied by Twaster like flows that will have your head spinning like shiny rims on a car, shiny rims that spin. e-dub, skeltz
Forgot About Glaze
In this song, Stubbs and Glaze run their mouths about the abundance of mediocre songs on a certain website. Itís also kind of a parody of Forgot About Dre. Itís mostly nonsense, but funny nonsense. Itís 2 AM, we just finished it and Iím tired, so Iím not gonna be able to write anything good here.[lyrics]glaze, stubbs
Remember That
This a song about hip hop music and childhood innocence. Those two things don’t neccessarily always go together, but in this case they do. Enjoye-dub
Melt You
The scrappers turntable works again. Listen to this upbeat piano ditty, then check for the Irishtoothache allstars on the cover of XXL. Thanks, I mean that, thanks.e-dub
don smoke
This is a short song about how you aught not smoke. Itís a tiny bit good. Thanks. Iím welcome.[lyrics]glaze, skeltz, stubbs, tup
Showtime at Subway
A description about how well we are received in the community as a musical group. The respect we achieve is only over-shadowed by the hate we’ve developed. Just tonight a drunk girl said to us, "you guys should come over, just don’t play that irishtoothache shit..."e-dub, skeltz
I Got This
This is a song about a man. A man who has a job at an office, his job is boring, and he would much rather be back at home rapping with his friends. In the beginning you hear a sound of a car driving, that is him driving to work. He fools everyone around him, because they think he is working hard, but actually he is writing rap songs. If you don’t enjoy this song there is nothing I can do about it.e-dub
You Are A Clown
This song is about things like rapping in your cubicle, being an idiot who votes for Nadar, dancing, Flava Flav, Snooze Alarms, Getting Served (like B2K style), making songs about Bunny rabbits, Getting of that nature- you get the idea, you’ll love it.e-dub
Pick It Up
Once you’ll hear the chorus- you’ll want to sing along forever and ever...and ever. I might even help you jerkwads out by putting up the lyrics. OH YEAH[lyrics]e-dub
School House Rap
After this last year, we were told that we were "the worst housing situation in the school’s history." The administration threatened to deny us housing if we didn’t somehow fix our house in like 3 days. Well, we did it. Also, the lady in the song turned out to be a lot nicer than we thought, so sorry we said that she has a "log up her butt." She doesn’t actually have a log up her butt.e-dub
In Da Studio
Edubble and Laskin spit this at Edub’s home studio in PA. Hot shit, folks.e-dub, laskin
Treat Each Man As A Gentleman
Gentleman: A strange/funny looking person of any kind. A gentleman can be a man or a woman, as long as they are weird enough.
Clapping: Taking pictures of gentlemen.
Skeltz Raps Like This, E-dub Raps Like This
In retaliation to Skeltz and E-dubís horrendous battle, Stubbs and Glaze shitted out the second best song ever made. (The best song being Da Clink). Because we know very little about Skeltz, and have never even met E-dub, we had to make up horrible things about them.glaze, stubbs
Fuck Stubbs and Glaze
Glaze and Stubbs got this crazy idea that they can flow anywhere near as well as us. So this song sorta sets things straight.e-dub, skeltz
Me and My Nerfgun
If you have ever heard the song "Me and My Girlfriend" by Tupac Shakur then you will recognize this song. "My and My Nerfgun." Thatís correct, Tupac stole our idea and made it about either a real gun or a real woman. Two things we know little about. Enjoy it you posthumously rapping motherfucker!e-dub, skeltz
Da Clink
Stubbs and Glaze rap about how good at rapping they are. Theyíre so good, in fact, that they got thrown in jail for it.[lyrics]glaze, stubbs
Irish Erection
A song about this website. Yeah, this one. The one you’re downloading the song from.e-dub
Punch Dat Ass
This song is about how E-Dubble and Skeltz act when they are tearin up the club.e-dub, skeltz
I Need A Sammidge
Remeber the skew it video? Remember how glaze said he needed a sammich? Well, hereís the story behind the legend. By the way, tup made the beat, and itís better than anything skeltz has ever done.[lyrics]glaze, tup
Spring Break 2007
E-Dubble makes a rocket/party ship that takes us through time to Spring Break 2007. Think about it.e-dub, skeltz
Rap Safari
It might not be the best song we’ve ever made, but it is definately called rap safari.[lyrics]skeltz, stubbs, tup
10 Fotey
Those not fluent in eubonics would do well to listen to this song. All terms have been verified by our Hip-Hoptionary.[lyrics]skeltz, tup
Robots No
A very important song to warn humans that robots everywhere are planning to take over the world. Seriously. e-dub, skeltz
She Pegnant
Our first rap ... Tup and Skeltz were watching some show and saw that "Moesha" girl and she was all pregnant and Tup was like "she pegnant"...and Skeltz responded "naw she just fat"...and the legend began. Thanks Moesha.skeltz, stubbs, tup

rock songs

tup got his appendix removed...and people came to visit him at the hospital...and he’s sorry he decided to post this as welltup
Until Then
To: Liz
From: Gay Skeltz
Confession of a Songwriter
This song is about inner turmoil and political ....turmoil. Also its about the fact that you canít possibly write people serious songs without sounding like a total Hugh Grant...also...its really bad.tup
Another Lovely Day
I did this cover of Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper my freshman year, before we had all of our sweet equipment. Check out the original guitar solo at the end. Thanks. You’re welcome. Thanks.skeltz
The Food We Eat
This is a childrens song about food and its side-effects. Give a copy to your illigitimate son when he’s old enough to understand what a fart is.glaze
The Chandabeer Song
Tup and his roomate built some stupid 6 person beer bong in their apartment that hangs from their ceiling, and this song sort of commemorates that. If you listen carefully it sounds alot like the "Flaming Moes" song from the simpsons, only horribly horribly worse. Horribly.tup
Osage Pub Sound Check
We were just testing the mic, but this is the best recording we’ve ever doneglaze, stubbs, pincus
Impossible Cheeseburger Pie
Tup came to the Osage Pub and cut this instant classic with Stubbs and Glaze. If you listen carefully, you can hear Pincus testing the smoke alarms throughout the house, cause the inspector was coming the next dayglaze, stubbs, tup
The Montreal Song
this is the first ever osage pub house band recordingglaze, matt, stubbs
Vomit All Over Her Face
Stubbs was pissed off at some girl one time and Tup started singing that he should vomit all over her face. Although no one really knows if he ever did vomit on that poor girl’s face . . . Muth and Tup Recorded this instant 10 minute long gem a few days later.muth, tup

skits and shit

Macro Machines
A fake commercial for a new kind of toy.glaze, matt
Fat Cat Farms
A fake commercial for a new and innovative type of sandwich meat.glaze, matt

songs about people

Glazer Got A Little Older
A birthday song chronicling the life and death of Glazermuth, skeltz, stubbs, tup, Dare, MTA, Notes
Dare’s Birthday Song
He make dat redneck chicken dat fall off de bone.glaze, muth, skeltz, stubbs, tup, MTA, Notes
Notesí Birthday Song
Here is a song we made about our friend Notes for his 32nd birthday. Enjoy.glaze, muth, skeltz, tup, anna
Eat Food At Your Wedding
Our friends, Ryan and Annette, got married, and we were too lazy to go to the store and buy them a present from their registry. So we made them a song instead, and gave it to them. Happy wedding guys.glaze, muth, stubbs
Bill O’Reilly is a FUCKING Scatman
Bill O’Reilly chooses a shocking way to introduce himself to former president Vicente Fox.skeltz
Ism, Why’s Your Beard So Big?
E-dub made a hot beat, and Tup had a friend named Harleen. But sometimes Harleen goes by the name Ism. He has a big beard and stuff, and also just turned 25. Muth might have gone out of his mind when he recorded his verse. Glaze also rapped on the song. This song was made in lieu of a Christmas album this year. Merry Christmas everybody!e-dub, glaze, muth, tup
Josh Paul Fatty Collins’ Birthday song
If you’ve ever been to an irishtoothache show in West Virginia, you’ve seen a husky gentleman introduce us to the crowd. That man is named Josh "Fatty" Collins, and he’s one of the nicest, most disgusting people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. This song isn’t great, but we didn’t try very hard either.e-dub, glaze, muth, tup
J-Dub & Bobbo
This is a little tune I wrote for my sister Jenn and my new brother Bobby. They got married on Saturday, May 5th and instead of buying them a gift I made this. It was not only a great way to save money- but a decent way to get lots of older white people dancing. Their wedding was beautiful and they are one of the best couples on the universe. J-dub and Bobbo, I love yall and wish you the best!

Chorus (2x)
It’s the J to the D to the U to the B to the B to the O to the B to the B to the O
to the What’s next I don’t even know, but, THEY’RE LIVING THE DREAM


Wallace and Collins, they tied the knot
a match made in heaven, one mick, one scot
and you know they’re gonna make it
cuz’ they add to the party like putting extra sugar in the cake mix
add duke to the puzzle that’s a great Team
like a triple threat, modern day A team
boston to philly, you all know the dilly-
put us in the same room and we all get silly
put your hands up, everybody in the room stand-up
drink a toast to the new people getting hand-cuffed
that’s a joke folks, marriage is a great thing
as long as she’s the type of girl that’ll wear a fake ring
-but- love is a diamond and it takes time just to make it shine
and pressure, and soot and coal and miners a really dirty process
but they really don’t mind, cuz’ they’re crazy in love
crazy to chug, duck farts, then barf, m & ms on the rug
HA! sing the chorus again- here’s a toast to the couple
bobbo and j-dubble

It’s the J to the D to the U to the B to the B to the O to the B to the B to the O
to the What’s next I don’t even know, but, THEY’RE LIVING THE DREAM


You better know Tae-Bo if you try Bobbo for his Tahoe cuz’ he’s better than 5-0
you better not drive slow when you leave lake shure and you better make sure
you’re Seat Belt’s BUCKLED!
It makes me chuckle, Bob to his Hoe is like a hand to a knuckle
and katie to jenn is like, ham to cheese
and bobby to chris is like franks and beans
and I should probably stop with the analogies
and I’m feelin’ so polite, I’ll say thanks and please
to the peeps who got these two kids to meet
Julie and Eric they are the bees knees!
so- put your hands up right now- and wave them side to side if you’re up in the crowd
drink another champagne cuz’ they said their vows, J-dubble and Bobbo


M. T. A. (Suck. My. Dick.)
MTA is probably a human being. But some scholars speculate that he is a monkey. I have done some research, and Iím fairly certain he is related to Alf. I say this only because they are both smartasses. He also dated a chick with a kid, which is just freaking nuts. I guess thatís all I feel like telling you, because my pizza is coming soon and thatís all Iím thinking about. The song is made with 4 out of 5 members of irish toothache, so enjoy.glaze, matt, muth, skeltz, stubbs, Brook
LARRY is one of my favorite people. None of us are sure if he/she is a man or a woman. He/she is dating a gay man, if that helps. Anyway, enjoy this song LARRY--you have certainly earned it. Be sure to blast this song until it makes you puke next time you are hungover.glaze, laskin, muth, skeltz
Straight Outta Haaavad
Heres another song I probably didn’t need to put up here. I think Skeltz made it seem like I should. His mistake I guess. Its about this kid here in Korea that went to harvard....reads alot....doesn’t really drink...and one time he was constipated...

His name is don°Įt care.
tup, Don "Grizzly" Kim
This is a song for my friend Marissa. She was adopted and she is very involved in matters related to adoption. Therefore "She’s So Adopted"... A guy named Kanye West did a song that was alot like it. I forget why I’m putting it up here. Oh well. Hi from Korea.tup
Dickiesí Birthday Song
Dickie just turned 24, so we made one of the meanest birthday songs yet. It was really easy to make, because he does a lot of really embarassing things. A few special guests stopped the studio to spit on this one. Tup even flew in from Korea cause he had some things to say about Matt that he just couldnít ignore.e-dub, glaze, muth, stubbs, tup, MTA, Brook, Doug E Fresh
When You Smile
To: Liz
From: An Even Gayer Skeltz
Tom Callahanís Birthday
this is a song about a man named tom callahan, like the guy from tommy boy. from this song, you will learn that tom looks young, gets his dick sucked, and loves to smoke weed. he is a good student and slightly better than average at sports too. muth, tup, money
Brook’s Birthday
Brook’s birthday was today. We were about to go out and celebrate, but then Pincus and I decided to make a song real quick. It turned out better than it should have, considering that neither Glaze nor Pincus have very good skills. If you don’t know who Brook is, you might know him better as "Lawrence" or "Biff".glaze, pincus
Er ist eine SpŁlung Ben
Er ist eine SpŁlung BEN
die er dŁrfte verlangsamt worden PROSSER
er riecht wie AchselhŲhlen und FŁrze BIRTHDAY
glaze, skeltz, tup, Ray Lewis, Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishborne
Brigid Muth’s Birthday Song (Whiskey Sairs)
This is a love song about Brigid Muth ("Muth’s" little sister), and a gentleman by the name of Joe Stamboni. The names have been changed from "Jack and Diane" to "Joe Stamboni" to protect Joe Stamboni.

It uses that one baltimore accent. Whoops.
muth, tup
Bronze Benson’s Birthday Song
With a name like Bronze Benson, he has to be good. And he is. Luckily the same doesn’t have to be true of this song.

Bronze Benson he used to Be White, Before he was White Benson, He used to be Mike, but now he’s Bronze now, Bronze Benson.

This is pretty old I just forgot to put it up like a buncha these other songs.

It features the rap stylings of young rapper C Preezy.
stubbs, tup, CPreezy
Ellen’s Birthday Song
It was Ellen’s Birthday so we made her this song. Not cause she asked for it.tup, Ryan, Tim
Thank Your Papa
This is a song for the fathers out there, since it was fathers day the other day- i made my father a song. In the spirit of fathers day, I am trying to use the word father as much as I can in this description, because fathers do not recieve enough recognition for their fatherly attributes. Where would we be without fathers? Ask yourself that question, then listen to this song.e-dub
tup’s birfday
You might know Tup from the website. If not, it’s no big deal. He’s not that great. But this song is. And you know what that means: he doesn’t deserve it. Thank you all so much.e-dub, glaze, skeltz, stubbs
Hey Pete
This is a song about a boy turned man, his name is Peter. There are six verses on this song, from 6 mildly talented MC’s. It was Peter’s 21st birthday back on June 1st, his birthday present (this song) was only 4 months late. Listen, especially if your name is Peter.e-dub, skeltz, mike, phil, karl, laskin
Pincusís Birthday
Thereís this guy weíve known for a while. His name is Josh Pincus. He also has a second last name, which is Sokoloff. Most people donít know that. What they do know is that heís an arrogant piece of dogshit and only likes talking about the places that heís sold things to. Thatís what this song touches on.[lyrics]glaze, stubbs
Luke’s Birthday (I lost a bottle of whiskey)
Luke always asks for a birthday song. Luke never gets a birthday song. Luke asked again. He still didn’t get one. Then one time he asked really nicely. A few years later he asked again. That time we didn’t make him one. And we never did. Thanks for everything.tup
Skeltz’s 21st Birthday
This is a birthday song for skeltz.
Edub, IM me with the stuff you want up here, unless I can add an edit song page first. . . glaze
Ed’s Birthday
This was made in approximately 34 minutes. It commemorates the 21st birthday of a girl named ed . . . kind of like that boy named sue that you might have heard about in a song. To learn more about ed, go to the movies page.glaze, matt, stubbs, ed
Darren Frank’s Birthday
This is a shockingly offensive story about a magical Jew named Darren who lives in China.e-dub, skeltz, phil, mike
Brad Jones’ Birthday
This is a song called "Brad Jones." It is about brad jones. It is fantastic and has a sweet skit at the end of it that was stolen from Dave Chapelle.e-dub, skeltz
Stubbs’ 22nd Birthday
This song is 10000% better than the last song that was written for stubbs last year, back when he was called steve. We even got instructor bo to give him a birthday wish.e-dub, glaze, matt, skeltz, Instructor Bo Shen
Phil’s Birthday
Phil is the best lookin mothafucka in the world, and the greatest singer in the world. Maybe that’s Rick James. I don’t know. Either way, happy birthday Phil.e-dub, skeltz
Tiki is a small, strong man. He likes large asses and frequents the Holiday Inn. He brought a giant stick home the other night. Happy birthday Tiki.
Featured on this song is skeltz’s little brother, Ivan, who is only 15.
e-dub, skeltz, ivan
Laskin’s Birthday Song
This is the third birthday song on this webpage that was made for a dude named "Matt L." Don’t confuse this guy with Matt Lapides or Matt LeGarde.e-dub, skeltz, phil
Five months before this song was made, Anton asked matt and glaze to make him a theme song for his radio show. They didn’t do anything for 5 months, and then made this song in 2 days.glaze, matt
International Jet Setters
This was an april fools joke for these guys, Matt and Andrew (AKA kud), who do a radio show on WMUC.glaze, matt, kud, some chick
Mike’s Birthday
This is a 10-minute long, 7-rapper tribute to a very tall child of a man who also has a choad. Happy birthday, Schmawklonaise.e-dub, skeltz, laskin, paul, phil, peter, tiki
Muth’s Birthday
Muth turned 20, and freestyled with Tup and Stubbs soon after. Then his freestyle was cut up into medium sized pieces and used for the chorus of his birthday songskeltz, stubbs, tup
Matty L’s Birthday
Tup made this song for his roomate’s 20th birthday.skeltz, tup
Rick’s Birthday
Our friend eric really likes God-awful music. So, we made him a God-awful song for his birthday.e-dub, skeltz
E-Dub’s Birthday
I’m pretty sure I am a better rapper than big boi at this point.skeltz, phil
Tup’s Birthday
being the best friend ever, Skeltz cut this track about 330 days before Tup’s 21st birthday. However, he’s an idiot and didn’t realize that Tup recently turned 20, and not 21. What a retard.e-dub, skeltz
Sue Muth’s Birthday
Muth Wrote this song about his mom. Tup helped him cause pete is mentally retarded. Like he has a mental disability. I think its called "being mentally retarded." Anyway he pooped this song right out of his meoldious butt and its really goodmuth, tup
Matt’s Birthday
A song for matt’s birthdayglaze, warren, ben, julia
Listen To Justin
The theme song for Justin’s radio show.glaze, matt
A haunting ballad about a gentleman named Smitty Blueballsmuth, skeltz, tup
Matt and Glaze
The theme song for matt and glaze’s radio showglaze, matt
Father Joe
A song Muth made for his uncle’s birthdaymuth

christmas songs

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2012 Christmas Album

1. Married ChristmasListen
2. Young Independent LoveListen
3. I've Got my Love to Keep me WarmListen
4. Glaze Saw Momma Kissing Santa ClausListen
5. Frosty the SnowmanListen
6. Fart RideListen


1. Christmas SocksListen
2. Bad SoulListen
3. Oh Christmas TreeListen
4. Don't Put Christmas on the WeekendListen
5. Thanks (The Thank You Card Song)Listen
6. Lights Down in BaltimoreListen
7. Santa-ismListen
8. All I Want for Christmas is MeListen
9. A Brief History of ElvesListen
10. Even Bad Kids Get PresentsListen
11. Xmas Kid BluesListen
12. Auld Lang SyneListen
13. My Son is Old (Hidden Track)Listen

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1. IntroductionListen
2. The 16th NoelListen
3. Stop Buying me Clothes for ChristmasListen
4. Break Up With Your Girlfriend Before ChristmasListen
5. 'Twas The Night Before ChristmasListen
6. The Recession SongListen
7. Nuttin' 4 ChristmasListen
8. The GiftListen
9. Steve's JobListen
10. My First ChristmasListen
11. Christmas 95Listen
12. It's Christmas (Ha-HaHaHaHa)Listen
13. Merry Little ChristmasListen
14. Christmas Story on TNTListen
15. Lo How A RoseListen
16. We Wish You A Merry ChristmasListen

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1. Let's Have Christmas AnywayListen
2. The True Meaning of ChristmasListen
3. Once in Royal David's CityListen
4. Wonderful Christmas Time (feat. the Chipmunks)Listen
5. Melekaliki HanukahListen
6. Silent NightListen
7. Atkins Santa ClausListen
8. Winter WonderlandListen
9. The Christmas Song (feat. Don)Listen
10. Mary's Boy ChildListen
11. Christmas PleaseListen
12. Glazer It's Cold OutsideListen


Download the Full Album with Artwork!


1. IntroductionListen
2. Santa KnowsListen
3. Holly Jolly ChristmasListen
4. Feliz Navidad (translated)Listen
5. Gansta Claus (Santa Gon' Ride Tonight)Listen
6. Holiday Safety MessageListen
7. Carol of the KazoosListen
8. 3 ShipsListen
9. Santa BabyListen
10. Christmas in KoreaListen
11. Escaped Zoo Animal StewListen
12. Happy ChristmasListen


Irishtoothache Christmas Album, The First One

1. Go Tell It On The MountainListen
2. Father ChristmasListen
3. You're a Mean One, Mr. GrinchListen
4. Grandma Got Run Over By a ReindeerListen
5. IŚÄ§l Be Home For ChristmasListen
6. Christmas is the Best Time to Rob the ChurchListen
7. Oh Holy NightListen
8. White ChristmasListen
9. IÁü• Only Christian on ChristmasListen
10. God Rest Ye, Merry GentlemenListen
11. What Kind of Hotel Doesn稚 Take JesusListen
12. Blue ChristmasListen
13. Auld Lang SyneListen
14. Christmas Is InterestingListen