Potheads: Episode 1

This is the first episode of Potheads. Merv and the rest of the ’heads goes on a long quest to find his long lost parents.glaze, tup
George Bush talks about Potheads

Tup and Glaze made this as a pitch to adult swim for Potheads. Well, really, Tup made it and Glaze ate a sandwich. The good folks over at adult swim never got to see it because of reasons that should never be brought up. Enjoy.glaze, tup
Potheads: The Intro

The theme song and intro the the newest cartoon to hit your internet . . . POTHEADSglaze, tup

Music Cartoons


a music cartoon to Tup and Skeltz’s songglaze, skeltz, tup
Family Values

This is the first cartoon that glaze ever made . . . Isn’t it awesome?!?!glaze

Crazy Crap

Macro Machines

I made this cartoon. It’s kind of a commercial, but not really, cause it’s fake. Watch it. Around halfway through making it, I decided it wasn’t that good, but I kept going for the hell of it. It’s worth a watch.glaze, matt
Big Butt the Peanut

Glaze’s first ever interactive movie. Help a peanut find his sandwich.glaze
Angry Dog

this dog is angry . . . so give him a fuckin treatglaze
Jack Perry

Glaze’s neighbor’s name is Jack Perry. He’s an angry old dude.glaze
The Lizard Bong

a movie about a bong . . . a bong with lizards on itglaze

Cartoons About People

Matt’s Birthday

This is probably the best drawing I’ve ever made. I spent around 3 hours shading Matt’s upper lip. Also, this was a cartoon that was made for Matt’s 22nd birthday. I apologize for it’s simplicity.glaze
... and Jesus Said

Part of Ed’s drunk night in front of the mirror.glaze
Ben’s Birthday

Ben turned 21, so Matt and Stubbs wrote him a poem, and then Glaze made it into a cartoon in around 10 minutes.glaze, matt, stubbs



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